Frequently Asked Questions

Deja Vu have performed at over 1,500 successful functions in the last 15 years, so please rest assured that you are booking an experienced act. Here are some facts and information to help you plan your successful day.

If you have any additional questions or queries please contact us on 01582 534540, or email

QI'm interested in booking you - how can I find out if/when you're available? AThe attached gig sheet gives a good indication, however we are constantly taking more bookings, so please contact us to check our availability. QHow much do you charge? AThe amount we charge is dependant on many different factors, such as the location and playing times, so please contact us for a price specific to your requirements. Remember that by booking us direct, you will save money on the commission you would pay to an agent (roughly 15-20%)! QHow long do you play for? ADepending on the situation, we usually suggest 2 x 1 hour or 3 x 45 minute sets, but if these are not suitable, we can tailor our sets to your requirements. QHow many people are in the band? ADeja Vu are a trio as standard, however the line up can be extended to suit the needs of your event. Please contact us for more details. For smaller functions, we can also perform as a duo, under the name of "True Covers". QWhat happens during band breaks? AWe will always do our best to ensure that our breaks are taken at the most appropriate times for your function, stopping for raffles/buffets etc as necessary. If required, we will happily supply party music during these times at no extra cost, which will remove the need for a disco and therefore save you money! QHow do I make a booking? APlease contact us to confirm the date you would like to book, along with details of the venue, playing times etc. Once we have this, we will send you a contract which you will need to sign and send back enclosing your deposit. QHow much control will I have over the volume? AWe always tailor our volume to each specific event and will discuss your requirements with you at the beginning of the evening. Of course, if you feel that we are playing too loud (or too quiet), this can easily be adjusted at the push of a button! QShould we provide food/drinks for you? AYes please! It is very important that the band are provided with food and beverages (soft drinks) throughout the evening. As an indication, for functions such as dinner dances, a hot meal would be ideal, or for parties/wedding receptions, being invited to enjoy the evening buffet is always very much appreciated. Please remember that a fed and watered band is a happy band! QWhat will you wear when you're not performing? AWe will dress according to your function, so we will either wear something formal, or for a less informal event, we will usually wear Deja Vu branded clothing. QHow about changing facilities - what do you require? AWe will need a secure changing room to change and leave our personal belongings whilst we are on stage. In addition, we will require a changing area very close to the stage (right next to it if possible) for our quick costume changes. The closer this changing area is, the better the impact for your guests. QWhat if I want a special song? AIf you have a first dance or a special song that you would like us to learn, we would be delighted to do this for you (time and suitability permitting) QCan we come along and see you play live? AWhere possible, we would be happy to arrange a date for you to come and see us perform. Of course, this is only possible when the client is happy for this to happen. QDo you have a PAT certificate and Public Liability insurance? AYes, we have both of these and we would be happy to supply the venue with this information if required. QDo you have any technical requirements that I should be aware of? AYes, we require two independant 13amp power sockets and ideally, a 3 meter x 6 meter stage or performing area.